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| May 13, 2014

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There is a focus on the economic interpretation of imperfect competitors, allocative efficiency and equity and the New Zealand economy.
You are required to perform independent research, specifically either going to some businesses or investigating them through their websites, and accessing the Commerce Commission website and other government websites.
You will need to use at least one (1) other economic textbook beyond your current one and access five (5)other resources for this assignment (including the Commerce Commission website). Recommended texts and websites are listed on the next page. Other references are acceptable, as long as they are a credible source (neither editorials nor sources such as Wikipedia or Econhelp or AskAnswers are acceptable sources).
You must include:
• A cover sheet with the due date, your name and Student I.D.
• Your assignment is in a format where you will answer specific question, using the Section Number and question number as your header. Instructions for their completion are imbedded within each section.
• APA Referencing using the guide on the CPIT library website.
• You also need to number all pages except for the cover and reference pages.
• The assignment should be approximately six (6) pages to nine (9) pages (1800-2700 words) in length not including the cover and reference pages, with a maximum of ten pages. Please note that any words after 2700 will not be counted.
• Use 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing.
• Students must include the word count on the bottom of the cover page.
As a guide, you are expected to write approximately two (2) to three (3) pages per section (excluding any specific models) indicating/analysing how the article is related to the course material covered in that topic. (Note: some sections may be shorter and others longer – this is a guide only). The models may be handwritten and need to be included in the hard copy, not necessarily in the Turnitin version.
The analysis presented must clearly demonstrate an understanding of the key economic concepts covered within the topic and their application. Therefore, state the theory, explain it, apply to what you are being asked and then give examples. Specifically, use the definitions on Page 4 to guide your thinking and writing.

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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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