Economic Environment of Business

| June 26, 2015

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Coursework Details :

Question Selection:

You must select ONE question from the two listed below:

1. “Perfectly competitive markets do not exist in the real world and have no relevance to modern business leaders.” Critically analyse this statement using economic theory and support your arguments with evidence from real world businesses.

2. Using appropriate macroeconomic theory, critically discuss the consequences for a specific business when the government announces a change in their trade policy. Support your argument with evidence from real world examples.

Your answer must be in essay format (i.e. not written as a report) and not exceed 2000 words. Help with planning, structuring and writing essays can be found as follows:

Assessment Criteria: Essential Points

§ When planning and preparing your answer you should review the assessment criteria for this assignment. A copy of this is attached to this document.
§ Your answers must be rigorous and analytical. Do not write in a descriptive style
§ You must use proper referencing throughout your answer. At MBA level you must refer to relevant texts, relevant journals and case examples.
§ You should use the Harvard or other standardized referencing format.
§ You do not need to assume that the tutor knows literally nothing about the economics of the business environment!
§ Useful on-line search facilities are available via the university library electronic databases, e.g. Business Source Premiere and Science direct,  which have many full-text articles.
§ You must show evidence of having read at least 10 relevant academic journal articles or texts (properly referenced) in order to receive a mark for this coursework. Internet website do not count for this purpose.

Recommended Reading:
Sloman, J, Hinder K and Garratt, D (2013), Economics for Business, 6th Edition, Chapters 1 and 2, FT Publishing International.
Sloman, J and Garratt, D, (2010), Essential of Economics, 5th Edition, Chapter 1.1, Pearson Education limited.
Sloman, J & Jones, E (2011), Economics and the Business Environment, Prentice Hall
Mulhearn, C. & Vane, H., (2012), Economics for Business, 2nd Edition, Palgrave MacMillan
Griffiths, A. & Wall, S. (2011), Economics for Business & Management, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall Publishers
McAleese, D. (2004), Economics for Business: Competition, Macro – stability and Globalisation, Prentice Hall Publishers
Lecture slides also indicate relevant topic based readings.



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