Economic characteristics of Colombia

| February 17, 2014

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Describe the Economic characteristics of Colombia (the country)
The essay must include the following:
List current values for:
a)GDP, GDP growth and GDP per capita;
b) Provide GDP composition – that is: consumption, investment, government expending and net exports
as share of GDP.
c) provide share of agriculture, manufacturing and service out of GDP.
Identify resource endowment for the country and source of comparative advantage. List the endowment on a relative basis, e.g.: Venezuela ranks 1 in the world with proven oil reserves; Chile is number 1 in the world producing cooper. Brazil is number 5 in the world with largest amount of arable land and number 5 with the largest labor force.
e) unemployment,
f) inflation,
g) currency and exchange rate regime
h) Main trade partner for export and import
i) Main import and export products
Describe the economic situation of the country in the past (as far back as you can find information).
Refer to relevant economic development periods, such as colonization, import substitution, debt crisis.
Provide any data from the past as you can find. Relate the impact of past economic events identified in the previous point to the current economic circumstances of the country.
Do not use complicated sentence structure and complicated vocabulary. The essay must provide the information above in a straightforward, organized manner. This essay will pass through an advanced plagiarism detection software, make sure all work is cited correctly.
The information can be found on the following websites:
1. Center for Latin American Studies Publications –
2. The Federation of International Trade Associations:
3. β€œA decade of structural reforms in Latin America; what has been reformed and how to measure it”, Lora, Eduardo,
2001 (old but very good):
4. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (United Nations- ECLAC portal):
5. The Peterson Institute for international economics:
6. The CIA world fact book:
7. The World Bank:
8. The Inter-American Development Bank:
9. Good source of news: Latin American Herald Tribune:
10. IMF (Data Mapper):
11. Food &Agricultural Organization of The United Nations:
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