Economic Analysis for Managers

| February 15, 2014

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Please remember to:
(1) Answer the questions provided in the prompt
(2) Timeliness – finishing my work by the deadline provided
(3) Use several quotes from the textbooks to support the claims in your writing
(4) APA-citing within the body of your post and end of post references. Please do not plagiarize. Cite all sources.
(6) Please copy and paste EACH question on the line above your answer. You will loose points for each question not answered.
About the class: BUSU 620: (The class is called Business – Economic Analysis for Managers, so please try to write from that perspective)
Managerial Economics Edition: 7th Author: Samuelson Edition: 7th John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated William F. Samuelson and Stephen G. Marks (2009) Managerial Economics (7th ed.), Wiley ISBN 978-0-470-28242-7
Writer- please do not ask me for the textbook because I do not have it. Your company told me that you would be able to find the book online.
Post the most important (to you) from all of your readings for this course. Be prepared to defend your choice. Post the ONE sentence that speaks to you as the most useful for your life – also explain in 100 to 200 words how this applies to your life and what you will do about it.
Answer the following:
Describe the concept that most surprised you about what you learned in this class (and cite)
Explain something you already use in your work or at home but you did not know it was an economic model (and cite).
Synthesize all of what you have learned in to one or two sentences. You can’t cite this as it will be your own words to describe what you have learned about operations, supply chain and business process and innovation.
Detail the ONE THING that you will now put to work in your office or your home from this class.
Writer please choose an idea like the professor said from the textbook, something from between ch. 1 to 15. Please make it a good concept and answer all the questions. Please make up something that sounds good that he wants to hear. Cite from the text.
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