ECON 3305

| April 29, 2015

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The company 

The company was considering a price increase and wished to determine the price elasticity of demand (arc elasticity of demand). An economist and a market researcher, Sandy and you, were hired to study demand. In a controlled experiment, it was determined that at 8 cents, 100 pencils were sold while at 10 cents, 60 pencils were sold, yielding an elasticity of 2.25. However, Sandy and you were industrial spies, employed by the EF Pencil Co. and sent to ECON3305 to cause as much trouble as possible. So Sandy and you decided to change the base for their elasticity figure, measuring price in terms of dollars instead of pennies (ie., $0.08 for 8 cents and $0.10 for 10 cents) 

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Category: Human Resources Management (HRM)

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