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| January 17, 2014

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Assignment Requirements
Your paper should meet the following requirements:
Please make sure that it is -•Be a minimum of 1,800 words.-
•In addition to the assigned readings, use a minimum of one (1) PRJ or PJ source on theory and two (2) on your case study organization, citing and referencing them according to APA guidelines.
Please make sure refer every thing you get from a article in the paper •Apply APA style and formatting to the writing and layout of your paper. Refer to the APA Style and Formatting module in the Resources for more information.
Research Tips
For a successful paper, be sure to carefully research the theories and the organization with validated information, such as peer-reviewed journals (PRJ) or practitioner journals (PJ) from the Capella University Library. Please note that company Web sites are a starting point only and are not validated information. Theory discussion should include referencing the assigned readings from Units 1 and 2.
The research for your company evaluation should start with PRJs and PJs. Expect that you will need to obtain current information from business publications such as WSJ, Hoovers, Datamonitor, MarketLine, Yahoo Finance, CEO Express, SEC Edgar (for example, all SEC filings such as a 10k), and annual reports. You can also use information from company Web sites; however, use caution because only financial information on the site is validated. Make sure these are not your only sources. Do not use case study Web sites—this is a seductive trap that should be avoided.
View additional information that will help you develop your Unit 2 assignment in the Theory of Disruptive and Value Innovation video linked in the Resources.
Refer to the many resources and templates located in the DBA Resources and Templates Toolbox, also linked in the Resources.

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