Easter seals objective

| July 27, 2015

Agency Objectives
1. Describe the mission of the agency
“Our mission is to provide exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities or special needs and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.”
Taken from https://www.easterseals.com/sepa/
2. List the funding sources
• Approved non-profit privet school funded through department of education, private insurers, and government agencies and fee-for-service.
• Public contribution through online donation
• Parents of children with multiple disabilities used to fundraise for The Easter seals but due to parents busy sechedule they are not doing fundraise anymore.
• The school complains of poor funds
• Public of welfare ???
3. Describe the population served
• Provide services for 3-6 age old kids with multiple disabilities or special needs
• To be eligibile or enroll the kid, Elwyn make decision on what type of program the kid needs then Easters seals evaluate the child in every domain to and decide if the child needs restrictive or refer to a least restrictive program . They have 6-class room and placement is divided according to cognitive , behavioral and sensory level of disability not by age. Individual Education plan (IP) is done once the child enrolled then track goals in 3 different meeting. Reevaluate and IP every 2 years.
• They have 52 children with wide spectrum of physical and mental disability or special needs. For example, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, seizure disorder, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, microcephalus, atuitism, blindness, deafness, special speech language impairment . Some children in addition to their main disorders, they have chronic diseases such as respiratory failure, diabetis mellitus and asthma.
• The school provides education services. Teacher and teacher assistants provide necessary education according to cognitive disability level.
• Social worker help families get services that they need or connect families to other community agencies, consult with teachers, parents, and children’s lives. School social workers may address needs at the individual level, group level, and school level.
• Clinical care coordinator
• They 2 LPN ( Nurses) to provide necessary medications, feeding, trach suctioning ect. Some severely medically fragile children are served by privet duty nurses and paid through medical assistance as well as Patient care assistante hired through ELWYN.
• The school provide medical rehabilitation services by occupational, physical and speech therapist who are under contract with school districts. Children and their families are served through evaluations, training and support on the effective use of Assistive Technology applications and devices. Assistive technology is also integrated into the curriculum of Easter Seals programs
• Music therapy activities to improve physical , cognitive and language skills and fine motor and auditory skills.
• The objective of Early Intervention is to increase the functional and cognitive skills of a child with disabilities?leading to greater independence for a smooth transition for the child and family into an elementary school that offer autistic classes and or classes for multiple disabled children.
• Parents of disabled children are involved in parents support group ( done monthly) , IP meeting, teacher/ parents meeting, home visits, and communication through e-mail or phone.
4. Describe the role of the APN or how you think an APN could best be utilized to support the agency’s mission
The role of the APN refers parents of children with disability or special needs to Elwyn and provide nessacry information. I think The APN could be best utilized to support Easter seals mission is by assigning one APN for each school to reevaluate and help improve, measure, monitor and sustain quality outcomes.
5. What are 5 keywords that would help describe this agency
Easter seals provide Educational and rehabilitation services for children with disabilities and special needs

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Easter seals objective
Easter seals objective


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