Eagle Brands Research Case Study 2014

| April 23, 2014

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Research the following items and include them in a WORD document. Make sure you include the appropriate footnote giving credit to the source of your information. In Word, the report you submit is expected to be properly formatted, edited, have page numbers.
1. Social Requirement: Give a short history of each of the following labor and workplace oriented organizations. Who are they? What authority do they have? What is their mission? How do you reach them? OSHA, WRAP, International Labor Organization (ILO).
2. Who is Foxconn? Provide a short synopsis and link to recent article about the company.
3. What are meant by the terms CMT (cut, make and trim), and full package in sourcing? Which would be most advantageous for me to use if I were selling made to measure clothing?
4. What is NAFTA?
5. Give at least 2 other examples of other trade agreements to which the US is a party?
6. What are 2 examples of trade agreements to which the US is not a party?
7. Helen Huntley of Gartner Group on Sourcing Strategy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cltt__82Q5Y
This video discusses defining benchmarks in the contract, service levels, Master Services Agreement. What are benchmarks, service levels, and Master Services Agreement? What do they mean to us trying to merchandise and sell our products?
8. Many companies do not source directly. Because of the expense, need to understand customs, language, geographic distance, they use agents or brokers for international sourcing. One of the more popular firms in this area is Li and Fung. By reviewing articles, their website, and videos about them, describe what services a company like that provides, and any recent changes in that model. What events might have impacted their lowered economic expectations this year?
9. What is FOB Destination? FOB Shipping Point? Who owns the merchandise in each situation?
10. Watch the following video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7lwFu3JKLQ&feature=related
What other application can you see for the use of Quick Response codes?
11. Watch the following video on Additive and Subtractive color. Which computer devices use additive color and which use subtractive? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygUchcpRNyk
Why do we need color matching software in product development?
12. What is Augmented Reality? What can we use this technology for in the apparel and related industries?
(Make sure you supply references including video if you use them.)
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