Each student will be required to write a formal letter to an elected official regarding a specific public policy issue. The letter should 1-page in length, discuss a single issue, outline the student’s position on that issue, and formally request the position of the elected official on the issue

| September 26, 2015

Appropriate Official

The official contacted is clearly the appropriate official for the issue written about.

The official contacted is one of multiple officials who could be contacted about the issue.

The official written is not the appropriate official to contact about the issue in the letter.

Articulates Position on Issue

Student clearly articulate a well-reasoned position on the issue, supported with some facts or experiences.

The student articulates a position on the issue but fails to provide a rationale or evidence to support that position.

The student fails to explain or support their position on the issue.

Personal Experience or Knowledge Included

Student incorporates a relevant personal experience to highlight the importance of the issue or their position on the issue.

Or they incorporate some knowledge about the issue they have gained.

The student incorporates some information about the issue but it is not based on personal experience or knowledge gained.

The student incorporates no personal experience or knowledge to support their position.

Appropriate Language Used

Formal language is used throughout the letter. No slang or short-hand terminology is used.

The student uses a minimum (less than 3 times) amount of slang or short-hand terminology in the letter.

Slang and short-hand terminology are used throughout the letter.

Response Requested

The student clearly requests a response from the elected official regarding the issue in their letter.

The student indicates a reply is desired, but does not specifically request one.

No response is requested and the letter does not imply one is desired.

Grammar & Composition

Fewer than 3 grammatical errors are present in the letter.

No more than 5 grammatical errors are present in the letter.

More than 5 grammatical errors are present in the lette

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Public-Private Partnership and Democracy
us. governmentUnited States Government Government By The People by Magleby and Light, 23rd edition. Multiple Choice Questions 1) Figure 9-1 in your book demonstrates that a. most House seats are won by the candidate of the same party as the presidential candidate getting the most popular votes in that district. b. about half of House elections are closely contested. c. a large majority of House seats are not competitive. most Senate elections are won by incumbents. d. None of these. 2. ________ primaries have become the main method of choosing delegates to the national convention. a. State b. National c. Judicial d. Local e. County 3) Diversification of the news media lessens the ability of any one medium to influence a. straight ticket voting. b. the outcome of elections. c. party loyalty. d. partisanship. e. individual ideology. 4) The modern president who had held the fewest total news conferences was a. Johnson. b. Clinton. c. Nixon. d. Carter. e. Reagan. 5) Newspapers no longer play an important role in American political culture. a. True b. False 6) In large urban areas, residents are bombarded with news stories about their local member of Congress. a. True b. False 7) The general goal of “police patrol” oversight is to detect criminal activity among federal employees. a. True b. False 8) Judges in the United States a. can personally enforce their decisions. b. can only rule on the actual cases before them. c. are the most free of all government officials to take action. d. prevent politicians from making foolish legal mistakes. e. All of the above. 9. Research has proven that female or minority judges decide most cases differently than white male judges. a. True b. False 10. Which of the following is NOT a guideline used by the Supreme Court to apply the equal protection clause to legislation? a. Suspect classification test b. Strict scrutiny test c. Rational basis test d. Separate but equal test e. None of the above are used by Supreme Court

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