Each student will be required to write a formal letter to an elected official regarding a specific public policy issue. The letter should 1-page in length, discuss a single issue, outline the student’s position on that issue, and formally request the position of the elected official on the issue

Appropriate Official

The official contacted is clearly the appropriate official for the issue written about.
The official contacted is one of multiple officials who could be contacted about the issue.
The official written is not the appropriate official to contact about the issue in the letter.

Articulates Position on Issue

Student clearly articulate a well-reasoned position on the issue, supported with some facts or experiences.
The student articulates a position on the issue but fails to provide a rationale or evidence to support that position.
The student fails to explain or support their position on the issue.

Personal Experience or Knowledge Included

Student incorporates a relevant personal experience to highlight the importance of the issue or their position on the issue.
Or they incorporate some knowledge about the issue they have gained.
The student incorporates some information about the issue but it is not based on personal experience or knowledge gained.
The student incorporates no personal experience or knowledge to support their position.

Appropriate Language Used

Formal language is used throughout the letter. No slang or short-hand terminology is used.
The student uses a minimum (less than 3 times) amount of slang or short-hand terminology in the letter.
Slang and short-hand terminology are used throughout the letter.

Response Requested

The student clearly requests a response from the elected official regarding the issue in their letter.
The student indicates a reply is desired, but does not specifically request one.
No response is requested and the letter does not imply one is desired.

Grammar & Composition

Fewer than 3 grammatical errors are present in the letter.
No more than 5 grammatical errors are present in the letter.
More than 5 grammatical errors are present in the lette