| February 25, 2015

Be as creative as you would like, in order to develop your “personal brand”.
Basic Student Content of the e-Portfolio
(Comprehensive Outline)
1. CV / resume (without personal information)
2. Professional statement / philosophy (career philosophy, Mission/Vision Statements, etc…)
3. Practical application (how did you apply principles learned in GRS 601 [and other courses] to professional life)
4. Going forward – plans for continuous improvement and learning (SWOT, SMART goals, etc…)
1. Resume/CV (remove personal information)
2. Professional Statements:
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Value Statements
3. Practical Application and Self Assessment
Application of course theory examples:
i. Presentations
ii. Major Papers
iii. Organizational Teams
iv. Assessment Instruments: (Myers-Briggs, etc…)
4. Going Forward – Plans for Continuous Improvement and Learning:
a. (SWOT)
i. Strengths
ii. Weaknesses
iii. Opportunities
iv. Threats
b. (SMART)
i. Specific
ii. Measurable
iii. Attainable
iv. Responsible Party
v. Timeframe

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