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| February 15, 2014

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A. During early days of e-commerce, first-mover advantage was touted as one way to success. On the other hand, some suggest that being a market follower can yield rewards as well. Which approach has proven to be more successful ? first mover or follower? Either write 2 first movers or 2 followers. Or 1 first mover and 1 follower. Choose two e-commerce companies that prove your point and prepare a 3 page report to explain your analysis and position. Latest articles 2012 onwards. Try not to use website. Journal, books and articles are fine.
B. Visit www.coach.com (Singapore version) and create an Internet marketing plan for it that includes each of the following:
o One-to-one marketing
o Affiliate marketing
o Viral marketing
o Blog marketing
o Social network marketing
With the use of examples, describe how each plays a role in growing the business in your marketing plan. Use 3 pages to write.
Marking guideline:
Question A:
1. Introduction to first mover and market follower (15%)
2. Explain about first mover and market follower with relevant examples (20%)
3. Justifications with relevant theories for market follower/ first mover (35%)
4. Analysis for two e-commerce companies (20%)
5. Conclusion (10%)
Question B:
1. Introduction to the website and e-commerce marketing plan (15%)
2. Explain about different types of e-marketing strategies with relevant examples (25%)
3. Justifications with relevant theories for e-marketing (30%)
4. Analysis of different types of e-marketing strategies and comparisons of different types of strategies. (20%)
5. Conclusion (10%)
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