| October 23, 2015

A report format of 1500 words. include Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Findings and Analysis, Conclusion and References using Harvard style.
Analyse an online small-medium size B2C Company, and critically analyse how the eight elements of the business models influence its online business strategy. You are also required to assess and comment on the privacy issues and trust the company needs to take into considerations.
As part of the report, you should identify the following
1. Choose an appropriate online B2C
company to analyse
2. A critical analysis of how the
company has successfully managed and
implemented the eight elements of the business models and it benefits to
the company.
3.Critically analyse the strategies that the company should use to build and maintain trust in consumers towards internet shopping.

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8 pages. online purchasing of luxury fashion
Is the present legal governance of cloud computing effective?


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