Dvider LLC: Optimizing Operations Management

| May 21, 2014

Dvider llc (Actually appearing as ‘dVider LLC’ (Liam & Toussaint, 2012), but written to as ‘Dvider llc’ for the purposes of this paper) is a company that specializes in offering working space solutions to its clients. In particular, sticker decals represent an important segment of Dvider llc’s offerings (Liam & Toussaint, 2012). As such, it depends on the provision of high-quality commodities to enhance customer satisfaction (Liao et al., 2009). Therefore, customer satisfaction is important to Dvider llc as it has a potential, according to Reichheld (cited in Liao et al, 2009), of incentivizing customers to buy more, be less sensitive to price and reel in new customers (p. 372). Confirming this, service linkage research has established that internal organizational management has a definitive influence on eternal customer relation outcomes (Liao et al., 2009). While this is the case, it is important to take cognizance of the fact that although consumers want variety, too many choices can at times be overwhelming to them (Crandall & Crandall, 2011). The task Dvider llc faces is maintaining its benchmark characteristic of quality in the face of a competitive market and increasing demand for its sticker products.

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