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| November 25, 2015

For each exam you will be assigned about 5 readings from Human Development by Freiberg.  These readings are meant to update the text and expose you to current issues related to the course material.  Before Exams 1, 2 and 3 you will be asked to submit a brief paragraph to the drop box.  The paragraph should be approximately 5-7 sentences. You will NOT have to do one before the final.  Remember, you are responsible for all the assigned readings on each exam, but a brief typed paragraph is due.  Each paragraph is worth 15 points.  The drop box will close when the exam begins.  Included in it should be:

  1. The full title of the reading and the author’s name
  2. Is there a nature component, or nurture component or both in the article? Select a fact, research finding or quote used in the article that is illustrative of nature or nurture and state it: ie “like we all have genes from each of our parents”
  3. Then TIE your statement, fact, etc. to nature or nurture.
  4. For points 2 and 3 above, if the author thinks both nature and nurture play a role you will have 2 facts.
  5. Does the author conclude nature, nurture or both influence development.


Sample:  In the reading… by … the author,…, states we all receive one X chromosome from our father.  This could be considered nature.  But nurture is illustrated by the author’s discussion of the prenatal environment exerting changes in our genes during prenatal development.  Thus, the author has acknowledged both nature and nurture influence development.


Grading will be based

  1. Including the title and author- 1 point
  2. using appropriate material from the article- 5 points
  3. labeling this information correctly as nature or nurture- 4 points
  4. Author’s conclusion on nature/nurture- 4 points
  5. proper spelling and punctuation- 1 point


reading titles

Using the Science of what Works to Change the Odds for Kids at Risk

An educators Journey Toward Multiple Intelligences

In “Defense of Distraction”

How to Stop Bullies

The Incredible Shrinking Childhood: How early is too early for Puberty

Portrait of a Hunger Artist


Readings for the final exam (no paragraph required)

Will your Marriage Last

All Joy no Fun

Good Morning Heartache

The New Survivors

Brutal Truths About the Aging Brain

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