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| September 16, 2016

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Due in 3 hours, 1 page
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Running xxxxx xxxxxxxx UNDERDEVELOPMENT OF xxxxxxx xxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Central xxxx
Economic Underdevelopment xx Central Asia
xxx xxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxx Union xx xxxx led to the xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx five xxxxxxx xxxxx republics. Initially, xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx under xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx as primary suppliers of xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx Soviet Union led xx the independence xx the five xxxxxxxxxx The countries xxxxxxx from x xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxxxxx economy; a xxxxxxxxxx that significantly affected the xxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxx republics. It xx noteworthy xx note that all attempts xx the xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx Asia xx xxxxxxxx economic links led to xxx problem xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx However, xxxx xxxxx the xxxxxxxxx governments enacted strategies xx xxx xxxxx governments xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx a market-based xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx 2012). xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx countries
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