Dual-earner households written assignment

| July 16, 2016

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Read: “Earnings of Husbands and Wives in Dual-Earner Households,” by Anne E. Winkler.


There are three questions must be answered thorough out the articles provided below.



What does this article suggest about recent trends in the sexual division of labor within married households?



When households choose where to live, this is often based upon alternative labor market prospects in different geographical areas. In the past, this was often based upon selecting an area in which the husband's job prospects were best. Based on this article, is this as likely to be true today? What are the implications for the magnitude of the male-female wage differential? Will it be expected to widen or narrow?



Given the existence of positive assortative mating, will the rising levels of female labor force participation be expected to increase or reduce the level of income inequality across households? (Note that you are asked about the level of income inequality across households, not within households…) Explain.

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