Drugs as enhancers and doping of the mind

| September 30, 2015

This paper will focus on the widespread use and misuse of substances that have a strong impact on the mood or performance of an individual. Initially, these drugs were prescribed to treat different forms of mental illnesses and depression. Numerous
reports indicate that nowadays, these drugs are used for enhancement purposes (for example, it has been argued that individuals without any psychiatric illnesses could benefit from the use of such drugs ? these substances elevate mood, motivation, attention, energy, etc.)
Drug enhancers raise several ethical issues:
The problem of self-understanding: this issue is closely related to identity and
personality, authenticity, emotions, and temperament.
The unfair advantage of those who are perfectly healthy, but who are taking
these drugs for enhancement purposes only.
Safety: the long-term effects of these drugs are unknown.
Paper must be fully referenced!!!

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Drugs as enhancers and doping of the mind
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Category: Ethics

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