drug policy impact and implications in the US

| September 28, 2015

The student will conduct a literature review pertaining to current drug policy in the US and will identify the primary intent of one of two of the following areas of policy.
1. Prevention of illegal drug use.
2. Treatment of drug addiction.
Here are some web links where you can search for a policy.
The paper is to include 1) a discussion of how the policies in the area chosen have changed over time and then 2) a discussion of possible changes that could be made to improve policy in this area. Please use the following points and format the paper in heading, then answer format.
1 Choose and research a policy that has been used in the United States. This policy can be long standing or quite new.
A. For example, this could be interdiction method, criminalization of addiction, funding of treatment.
2 Trace the evolution of that policy (or policy area) and explain it so the reader can follow along with the changes.
3 Based on what you have learned in this class and in others, discuss what changes to policy you would suggest to improve how we respond to either illegal drug use or addiction treatment. Include in your discussion barriers to the changes that you are recommending.
Books we are using.
Maté, Gabor. (2010). In the realm of the hungry ghost: Close encounters with addiction. North Atlantic Books.
McNeece, C. A. & DiNitto, D. (2012). Chemical dependency: A systems approach. (4th Ed.) Allyn & Bacon.
Quick Reference To Psychotropic Medication – (most recent year)
*This is what we are studying right now. –
Policy Practice―Engage in policy practice to advance social and economic well-being and to deliver effective social work services.
Social workers competent in Policy Practice:
 Understand that policy affects service delivery, and they actively engage in policy practice.
 Know the history and current structures of social policies and services, the role of policy in service delivery, and the role of practice in policy development.
1. Analyze, formulate, and advocate for policies that advance social well-being.
2. Collaborate with colleagues and clients for effective policy action.

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