Dos Passos the 42nd parallel

| February 15, 2014

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2) In Debs v. US (1919) and the related Schenck v. US (1919), the Supreme Court specified a limitation on freedom of speech. Briefly explain the Court’s reasoning in these two decisions. Then explain how Dos Passos’ novel responds to Supreme Court’s rulings. How, in other words, do Dos Passos and the Court agree and disagree about “the speech of the people”? What do the texts understand to be the threats facing America?
• Make sure that you both quote the texts (especially the literary text) frequently and that you explain the significance of each quotation. In other words, every quotation should be followed by a sentence in which you tell your reader what you want her to understand about the quotation. These quotations and explanations are the evidence you are using to support your paper’s argument (your thesis).
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