Doping and its affect in the sport of cycling

| April 2, 2014

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i will upload a doc file that has my first draft essay. you to improve it and here i will tell you how. First no headline needed, but a link sentence between them. Secondly avoid the use of too many citation that based on one reference, there are one in the essay remove it. Thirdly dont use any new books as new references use some journals, website. There are some grammar mistakes in the essay correct them. develop some argument about the essay in the main body, maybe about Lan Armstrong. thus essay looks like a report or like a boring doctor report. any word that are unclear change it. i want a good grade for this essay. i will come with some new notice further later. this essay should finished in Tuesday . and increase the word count to 2500
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The impact of the 2008 Olympic Games on the destination image of Beijing and whether or not this can lead to greater economic potential.
Case Study MKT 113 Christina Visesio Southern New Hampshire University


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