Dominant vs Emergent

| July 23, 2016

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How does the concept of Raymond Williams dominant, residual and emergent ,with a focus on dominance, apply nowadays in our society and in particular in social media? Analyzing neo liberalism on youtube and the habits, effects and developments of the users.


Further readings:

Raymond Williams Dominant,Residual, Emergent


Structure of the essay:

1.Definition on What is dominant dominant culture , dominant class?

2.What is neo liberalism (neo liberalism seen today as the current dominant order)

Dominant through neo liberalism

Decribe social order / class structure and values of neo liberalism nowadays

3.Brief overview of the platform Youtube

4.Example video + transcript

Video of a person of a dominant class (actor sitcom music video etc)

Video of a person of a lower class exactly imitating the actor/star (imitating the dominant class)

Element of ambiguity

How far does the dominant class influence the lower class?

Fans imitating celebrities to achieve success through them.

BUT fans have success as Youtube stars and emerge and starting to create their own career in their own way becoming own celebrities e.g. Justin Bieber

—- from dominant to emergent !dominant enables emergent!

Introduction to Raymond Williams Concept of: dominant, residual and emergent

Dominant class have effect but only to a certain extend


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