Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy

| October 29, 2015

These evaluations should NOT merely be the short descriptions of the processed materials, but should seek to highlight the main arguments from the reading materials in a critical and reflective way, by providing your own thinking about the text and giving reasonable explanations as to why you think one way or the other.
Use only provided reading materials
Essential readings
Hill, Christopher. “The Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy.” The Changing Politics of
Foreign Policy. Chp.3, pp.219-249.
Alden, Chris and Amnon Aran. “The Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy.” Foreign
Policy Analysis: New Approaches. Chp.4, pp. 46-61.
Supporting readings
Putnam, D.Robert. “Diplomacy and Domestic Politics: The Logic of Two-Level Games.” International Organizations 42 (1988): 427-60. JSTOR
TOPIC: Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy
Two readings are provided and the third one is on JSTOR. DO NOT USE OTHER SOURCES.

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It has been said that host-governments ‘concedes’ control or sovereign rights over their countries’ natural resources o foreign oil companies. Your task is to critically evaluate on whether this statement is still applicable in the present climate of the global oil and gas industry. NB: Your evaluation must reveal evidence of sufficient reading and research, and, must refer to industry related academic journals and articles adequately.
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