Domain and Group Structures (Windows Networking)

| March 14, 2014

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Preparing Domain and Group Structures:
Company A has about 100 employees spread over three locations in the same city, all linked by fast network connections. The IT/IS administration is centralized and includes the help-desk.
• Location 1 contains the executive offices, IT/IS, and Marketing and Design departments.
• Location 2 contains the HR, Sales, and Research departments
• Location 3 contains the Manufacturing and Prototyping departments.
The HR department has sensitive information that can only be viewed by members of the HR department and executive offices. Each location has computers and printers for use within the individual departments but that not to be used by employees from another department. All executives and members of the executive offices are authorized to enter all locations. All other employees only have authority to enter the location they work at.
Prepare a domain structure for Company A as shown in Figure 4.2 of your text. Include Organizational Units (OUs) and a group structure.
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