Does clinical debriefing in Emergency Departments help reduce work related stress for Nurses Working in the Emergency Department?

| May 18, 2015

Articles to be used for review:


Ross-Adjie, G.M., Occupational stress in the ED: what matters to nurses? Australasian emergency nursing journal, 2007. 10(3): p. 117-123.

Theophilos, T., et al., Debriefing critical incidents in the paediatric emergency department: current practice and perceived needs in Australia and New Zealand. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 2009. 21(6): p. 479-83.

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Tuckey, M.R., Issues in the debriefing debate for the emergency services: Moving research outcomes forward. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 2007. 14(2): p. 106-116.


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