Does censorship affect American film, and, or, culture?

| February 15, 2014

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Does censorship affect American film, and, or, culture?
A few questions I thought up to aide in research:
> Does censoring multimedia materials violate one?s right to intellectual freedom?
> Does censorship make for better movies?
> Do rating boards (MPAA) treat homosexual material much more harshly than heterosexual material?
> Is there more violence in PG-13 films than R-rated films?
> Is self-censorship limiting freedom of speech/expression?
These specific questions don’t need to be answered, but the question of whether censorship has an effect on American film and culture does.
The final research paper should be between 1500-1800 words and adhere to MLA formatting.
Source guidelines:
> The paper must incorporate formal research.
> A minimum of three (3) sources must be used – a maximum of five (5) sources can be used.
> Only ONE (1) source may come from a website; this does not mean that you cannot conduct all of your research online — you can, but your other sources must be academic ones (books, newspaper articles, journal articles, etc.). It IS possible to access these sources remotely via the library portal (from your home or work computer) without having to physically visit the library, if you would prefer not to or are unable to do so. The unit content will explain how this is possible.
> Within the paper itself, you must cite each source from which you paraphrase, summarize, or quote. All in-text citations must adhere to MLA formatting. Although this is a research paper assignment, the bulk of the paper should still come from your own original ideas, interpretations, evaluations, and suggestions. Roughly, no more than 30% of the paper should come from source material.
> An accompanying Works Cited page is required:
> Accompanying multi-media materials can be incorporated — and are encouraged! — but should be in addition to, not in place of, other formal source material and own content.
Sources that I’ve found which may help:
Movie Censorship And American Culture, edited by Francis G. Couvares (book)
Controlling Hollywood: Censorhip and Regulation in the Studio Era, edited by Matthew Berstein (book)
Sex And Violence:The Hollywood Censorship Wars, by Tom Pollard (book)
This Film Is Not Yet Rated, directed by Kirby Dick (film)
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Censorship In American Film
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