Does an analysis of the role plaid by technology in modern Germany and Britain point towards the existence of a Sonderweg?

| July 19, 2015

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Technology, Modernity and the Nation: Britain and Germany, 1880-1930
This course examines the culture and politics of technology in Britain and Germany. The emergence of modern machines such as zeppelins, planes and battleships triggered debates and provoked ideas that are central for an understanding of the two countries in the modern age. The symbolic value of new technology, its relevance for notions of modernity, the experience of space and time, as well as the construction of national and imperial identities, are the focus of the course. The option introduces students to the main themes and debates that characterise the historiography of the two countries in this period; it brings together political and cultural readings of technology; and it encourages students to explore comparative strategies in their own research. Therefore the essay must be written in the above context
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Category: West European Studies

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