| November 16, 2015

Q1: The history of engineering is long and varied. it contains many interesting invention and refinement. select one of these inventions and discuss the details of it’s creation. for example, you might explain how the first printing presses came into being and what previous inventions were used to create new device.

Q2: Engineering history is filled with great individuals who have made advanced the study and practice of engineering. investigate an are of engineering that is interesting to you and write a detailed report on an individual who made a significant contribution in that area.
Q3:contact a practicing engineer in a field of engineering that interests you. write a brief report on his or her activities and compare them to the description of that field of engineering as described in this chapter.
Q4: make list of your won strength and talents. write a brief report on how these strength are well matched with a specific engineering discipline.

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Engineering Mechanics

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