Doctor Moment of Epiphany

| February 12, 2014

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This essay should be written based on the below readings and movie:
1- Imelda (Williams and Robert, 1984)
2- the use of force (Williams, 1961)
3- awakenings (movie directed by Marshall, 1990)
4- brute (idk the author. The book is "the doctor stories"
The essay should talk about the moment of epiphany for doctors. When does it happen? Why does it happen? How does it happen? Etc. most of the source should be from the readings and the movie. Use quotations and show close analysis of the readings. Find a general theme with regard to the moment of epiphany that happens to the doctors in the readings and the movie. Focus on the doctor patient relationship and the effect it has on the doctor and relate it to the moment of epiphany the doctor has.
Use at least 4 sources from the readings and movie and use quotations
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