Do we now have a valid Universal Definition and Test for 'Life'?

| January 13, 2015

This is a research paper, I want the RESEARCH PAPER DRAFT To be done BY FEB 25th. This assignment will be submitted on TURNITIN so it needs to be 0% Plagiarism. The basis of the assignment; I have picked the topic 3. (Do we now have a valid Universal Definition and Test for “Life”? Humanity has now begun sending spacecraft to physically explore other worlds in our Solar System. Draw from the thoughts and work of our most highly qualified thinkers and researchers to see if we now have a universally applicable definition for what we mean by “living” and the physical tests we can perform that should accurately determine if any life is present on the worlds we are exploring.) I know there is lots to talk about this, This paper needs to be written by a professional and highly sophisticated academically writer, Who knows How to argue scientifically and can show a good understanding of the topic. I will Upload the Outline and the instructions Underneath here. You need to READ the whole Academic Criteria to finish this for me. If you think this is a hard job, please tell someone who has passion do it. Your paper will be graded based on the quality, depth and breadth of the arguments you provide in defense of your conclusions and in answer to the topic question. It’s expected that you will discuss information from at least three independent experts found in peer-reviewed sources before formulating your conclusions. At least one of these experts needs to be presenting views and arguments that are not in agreement with your conclusions, and you are expected to address these in your paper. So i will upload other students DRAFTS so you can also go through all of them and see if you’re on the right track or not. The final paper is due on MARCH 12th 2015. You need to have fully understanding of all the research you have done. Citation; “Whenever you use language or ideas from another source, you must make it clear that you did this, and indicate exactly what you have used. Using someone else’s ideas or language and pretending they are your own is a serious academic offense, called plagiarism. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the relevant rules. ¬†for an introduction, and contact your TA whenever in doubt. Citation style (numeric, Name-Year, etc) is up to the student. Enough information must be provided for us to locate the source (long sources like books must include chapter & page #).” So please Let me know if you need any information or if you need to contact my T.A. I will go ahead and submit your question to them. Be sure that you’re Concise as possible and you have Reasonable information to argue and have reasonable counter arguments in regards to the TOPIC

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