Do the elements of thought, as described by Drs. Paul & Elder, assist Army officers conducting the Army Problem Solving Process?

| February 22, 2015

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This is an argumentative Essay. I wish the writer to argue that the elements of thought DO assist Army Officers in conducting the Army Problem Solving Process.
I have attached six documents to help the writer complete the Essay. The documents include 1. Writer Instructions, 2. Lesson Notes, 3. Army Writing Tips. I have also sent three documents to be used as References/Sources in the essay: 1. Student Text 22-2 Leader Communication (June 2012), 2. ATTP 5-0.1 Commander and Staff Officer Guide (September 2011, chapter 11 “Problem Solving, Staff Studies, and Decision Papers, 3. The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking: Concepts and Tools by Paul and Elder.
The Writer Instruction document includes details on formatting, style. The Army Writing Tips are notes on what the reviewers on my end particularly look for.
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Rhetorical Criticism: Exploration & Practice

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