Do core stability exercises improve function and pain levels in chronic lower back pain more than general exercises?

| August 19, 2015

This is the part B for me. I believe that you can edit it accordingly.
The most important thing here is:
1- Please edit Table 4 (study feature) and change into the same table that you did for my friend in his dissertation ( please do not change the page size because this dissertation might be printed out).
2- Rewrite the discussin part with adding MORE CRITICAL COMMENTS ( the word count of this section 800-1000)
3- please change the conclusion to look much better than the current one.
4- Please correct the points that my supervisor made through the whole dissertation.
and I will copy my supervisor comments down:
I can see that you have put a lot of effort into this. Please find the draft with feedback.
Overall it is TOO DISCRIPTIVE with lots of repetition.
You need to provide much more specific detail in your results tables (table 4) including male female numbers chronicity of pain, outcome measures used, levels of significance and limitations of the studies.
Your discussion needs to be REWRITTEN to provide more discussion on why the results may be different and link these to other studies including different exercise interventions and heterogeneous samples.
Please read a few systematic reviews to understand how to do this.

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Identify and discuss some possible consequences if nurses do not critically reflect on their practice.


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