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| September 26, 2015

Introduction and Objectives. Each paper should contain a statement of the objectives of your program or paper. You should use this section of the paper to define the problem and explain the nature of the problem. Briefly introduce your topic or program and describe its objectives. In other words, explain how you propose to solve the perceived problem.

  1. Literature review. Think of your literature review as the roadmap to your design. If you are studying a leadership training program, your literature review should contain information on the concept of leadership and the research on leadership training programs. If possible, the literature should consist of academic or professional research in your area of study (academic journals, think tank reports, government studies, etc.). Look for analyses of leadership training programs. You will find scholarly research that will provide you with some evidence about what works, under what conditions program elements seem to work, etc. If you need some help finding literature, let me know

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Discuss the background and origins of the development of the modern state in Europe.
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