DMM 627 Principles of Terrorism (3-0-3)

| September 24, 2015

DMM 627 Principles of Terrorism (3-0-3) The types of terrorism, along with the social, political and psychological motivations and ramifications of terrorism are the focus of this course. Terrorism threat risk assessment and prevention strategies are also components.
Now, let me give you the description and the instructions of all the case studies (taken from the syllabus as well): Instructor will post 4 cases in the Assignment section; Please read the cases and answer the questions on all 4 cases. The assignment should post in the assignment section as well as in the discussion board section for student feedback. The cases are scheduled for the last day of MOD2, MOD4, MOD6, and MOD9. Instructor requires that the paper be in length between 2-4 pages in addition to references.
FOR THIS WEEK, I have the 3rd Case study that should be done in 4 pages (NOT INCLUDING THE REFERENCES PAGE). Before I tell you the topic of this case, PLEASE FIND THE ATTACHED THAT DESCRIBES THE TOPIC OF IT IN A FILE CALLED (Women, Terrorism and Suicide Attacks)
Now, What is required in this Case Study 3 is as follows:
CASE STUDY 3: What factors do you believe would account for the differences in these numbers, both in terms of the body count per attack of both men and women in a particular country, and the success – or lack thereof – of female suicide bombers relative to their male counterparts? Other than the reasons presented above, what others might militate in favor of using women as suicide bombers? What reasons would compel women to do such a thing? Try to list as many of these motivations as possible. Among the jihadist, Islamist terror groups do women have any other role to take in the group, or terrorism in general, than as suicide bombers? Can they possibly have any significant role other than as martyrs in the future?
Giduck, When Terror Returns (2011), pp. 263-394.
Bernard Lewis, The Crisis of Islam (New York: Random House: 2003), Chapter 5.
Robert A. Pape, Dying To Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism (New York: Random House, 2005), pp. 8-24.
Reich, ed., Origins of Terrorism, Ariel Merari, “The readiness to kill and die: Suicidal terrorism in the Middle East,” pp. 192-207.

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DMM 627 Principles of Terrorism (3-0-3)
DMM 627 Principles of Terrorism (3-0-3)


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