disscussion reply to the question asked from students minimum words count 50 each

| October 27, 2015

IT 240
1: Hi Everyone,
So far we have all geared our responses toward fat/thick and thin clients as hardware devices. Btu what about software? What is thin client software vs fat client software? For example, I use a tool where I work that can be installed as a fat client or I can run it as a thin client on the same computer. What does this mean?

2:Hi Erin,
Great post. I agree that thin clients have some limitations, but is the lack of graphical interfaces one of them? For example, when a thin client is used in a Citrix server environment, the user’s experience is that they are running Windows in the same manner as if they were using a fat client. So the server environment can be used to overcome the lack of a graphical interface on the local thin client.

3:Hi Chris,
No doubt power consumption by computers is a concern, especially as networks become larger. Can you find any information on what the typical consumption of power would be for fat and thin clients? How do they compare? Is the amount of energy used significantly more for fat clients?

IT 236
4:Robert, yes I agree I think that usability is one of the main keys to a successful site. If it’s difficult for the user to find what they’re looking for then eventually they will get tired and exit the site. There’s been numerous of times where I visited certain sites and couldn’t find what I was looking for because information was scattered everywhere with only a few tabs. Delivering information that is easy to read and interactive is the key to making a site user friendly. Speaking from personal experiences, users don’t really like to read a lot of information online, and they normally just skim through it, and that’s another reason why it’s a good ideal to keep paragraphs short and straight to the point. Using subheadings, paragraphs, and bullets helps make it easier for readers to get to the key parts of a page quicker.

5:It seem like you have a very good ideal in my mind, and it will also help your son a great deal. I like your ideal on how others will be able to access your site from other sites, that is also something that I had in mind but I didn’t know how to go about doing it. I’m sorry but I don’t have the answer on how to zero in on companies, but if I find out once I finish the rest of my readings, and tutorials I will let you know.

6:Cassandra, I have found that a project with a purpose usually turns out the best. The linear structure would work effectively in your plan. One of your goals should be to make it easy for the user to navigate and maneuver around your site. Usability is one of the keys to an successful site. Would you agree?

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