Display Project: Adaptive leadership for educational organizational management.

| February 16, 2014

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Adaptive leadership for educational organizational management.
display project.
Visual representation of your understanding of the role of:
supervision, data collection/use for decision-making, interpersonal/collaborative skills, allocation and management of resources in education, and accountability in educational leadership.
VISUAL means few words, more graphics.
Combine Leadership Position (superintendent, principal, etc) with Resource Systems (human, financial, facilities, transportation, data, accountability, etc) and skills (interpersonal, collaboration, and LOTS more!). How do they all fit with what you now know about Adaptive Leadership?
This individual project is an opportunity for you to creatively show your understanding of how the above-named components work together. Using metaphors here might be helpful, but is not required.
note: one of the reference is: The practice of adaptive leadership: tools and tactics for changing your organisation and the world. Heifetz.
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