DISCUSSION REPLY TWO PEERS Your response to two students: Remember to address the comment to that person’s name in your post. These responses must be


Your response to two students: Remember to address the comment to that person’s name in your post. These responses must be at least 250 words each . You may agree or disagree with the post on which you are commenting. What do you think of the position they posted? Did they present an objective viewpoint?
*Remember, when responding to others do not judge. Simply state your position, backed by the evidence you found.

Kendall Fekete 

Good Evening Classmates

            Before doing further research on this weeks discussion topic I had never put too much thought into the difference between critical thinking and thinking and why they were both dso important. Now I see that even though both have the verb “thinking” they are too very different things and it is important to understand the difference. Thinking can be defined as an action that is required to produce thoughts. A great example could be when you are out and about and you smell something that reminds you of an old memory. This type of thinking is a process of thinking initiated by stimuli, which is defined as things in the enviornment that interacts with our five senses. Critical thinking can be defined as a deeper level of thinking skills that are used to complete certain tasks such as solving problems, comparing and contrasting, analyzing situations, or drawing conclusions. Critical thinking is not like our basic hundreds of thoughts we have everyday in fact it is a skill that must be practiced. In school we are taught how to problem solve, critical analysis, or how to compare and contrast things. 
           Critical thinking is important for many reasons and can be beneficial to us for many reasons as well. Critical thinking is universal, meaning any path or profession that you wish to pursue the skills of critical thinking will always be beneficial to the success of such path or profession. Critical thinking can be very crucial to the economy, this being because the future depends on technology, information, and innovation which means critical thinking is needed for a fast growing economy so it is important that we are able to solve problems as quickly and effectivley as possible. Critical thinking has been proven to improve language and presentation skills, to be able to express ourselves, it is important to know how to think clearly and systematically and to be able to do so we must use critical thinking. It is also used to promote creativity and by practicing critical thinking skills we are not only able to solve problems, but to create new ideas in order to solve these problems. Finally, critical thinking is important for self-refelection, we can use these skills to justify the way of life and our opinions and critical thinking gives us these tools to evaluate ourselves and our lives. Critical thinking is also known to be beneficial to us in many ways such as being used as a key to success, promotes better decision making, known to make individuals happier, form well-informed opinions, creates better citizens, improves relationships, promotes curiosity, and enhancecs problem solving and creativity. 
          Eupope refers to critical thinking as philosophy becuse philosophy is the foundation of critical thinking. “Philosophy is not obsolete. Philosophy brings the important questions to the table and works towards an answer. It encourages us to think critically about the world; it is the foundation of all knowledge and when utilized properly, can provide us with huge benefits.” (Leivesley, 2018). Philosophy can best be described as the pursuit of wisdom, truth, and knowledge; in fact the in Greek the meaning of philosophy is the love of wisdom. 

Carol Clahar 

What is critical thinking and why it is very important (os is it)?


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Critical thinking is very important because it provides us the ability to think about what we do, say, or believe. With critical thinking skills we are able to understand logics, ideas, evaluate and construct logical arguments. We are able to solve problems, recognize errors, evaluate situations, identify relevance and importance of ideas, we are able to reflect on our own beliefs and values. The critical thinker knows how to make good use of pertinent information to solve problems and to research relevant sources to be properly informed. Critical thinking is not the same as being argumentative or criticizing others, even though the skills of a critical thinker can expose bad and/or bad reasoning. Critical thinking is very important in the role of cooperative reasoning and constructive tasks. Critical thinking helps to enhance our knowledge, improve theories, and strenghten arguments. The theory of critical thinking can enhance work processes on the job as well as improve social instututions. Critical thinking is also considered to be compatible with thinking “out of the box”, this takes on a less popular approach.
Being able to think, solve problems throughout is an asset to any job. In today’s world, it is very important to be able to think critically ia a fast moving society, it improves overall the way we express ourselves, ideas, and the way we comprehend our fast changing society. Creativity is enhanced, to provide creative solution to any problem along with new ideas. Critical thinking plays a huge role in the process of evaluating new roles and ideas, in selecting and modification if the need arises. We need critical thinking to be able to evaluate our own lives, living a meaningful and well rounded life that has structure. Critical thinking provides the tools for us to be able to evaluate our lives. Sustainable critical thinking is necessary for democracy, and science. The proper use and function of democrasy requires people who are able to think critically as it regards social issues, informing their judgements about proper governance, overcoming biases, and prejudice.
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