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| November 19, 2015

Week 4 eActivity .

•The path to bureaucratization of schools includes many key events. Use the Internet to research the Tenth Amendment, Title I, No Child Left Behind, or another important historical event in education of your choosing. Be prepared to discuss.

Week 4 Discussion 1

“Learning Organizations and Learning Communities” Please respond to the following:

•Examine the similarities and differences between learning organizations and learning communities. Create a scenario where it would be optimal for a learning organization and a learning community to collaborate and join forces.

•Imagine that you are a teacher leader in a learning community. Describe the size and environment of your imaginary learning community. Propose at least three reasons why you could be considered a problem solver and an innovator.

Week 4 Discussion 2 Collapse

“Historical Roots” Please respond to the following:

•From the e-Activity, examine the selected event that appears to have been a turning point in the history of education in this country. Determine how this event has impacted today’s learning environments. Predict how this event will affect learning environments in the future.

•Create a short (one to two paragraphs) speech to deliver to your local school board members that convinces them that a learning organization provides the most stimulating student learning environment. Predict at least two major issues that the school board will foresee encountering and provide solutions for their concerns.

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Week 2 eActivity
Changing a School District's Image

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