discussion post/ must only use 2015 articles

| November 16, 2015

Discussion posts are designed to encourage students to stay abreast on current issues or dive deeper into topics beyond class lectures. Posts should include a brief 3 paragraph essay. It could be an in-depth analysis from an interesting journal article or relevant news article related to neuroscience. Quality and relevance of discussion also will be evaluated. Each post will be graded with the following criteria (20 points possible for each post): 3 points total possible: Student’s post was relevant to the class. 5 points total possible: Student’s writing was clear and to the point, and kept spelling and grammatical errors to a minimum (i.e., 1-2 misspelling errors per post). 12 points total possible: Student provided clear description of a relevant article or on a topic discussed in class. The post included thoughtful and scientific discussions that helped further the understanding on the subject. Must use topics related to neouropsychology.

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