Discussion: "Give the Ref a Gavel" (analyze)

| May 20, 2015

Use the article “Give the Ref a Gavel” from Chapter 9 of Bridging the Gap. Analyze the quality of the article by asking and answering analytical questions about content and language. By the end of week 10, try to come to some consensus about the quality of the article.

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Basic Analysis Questions:
•What is the main idea?
•What is the author’s purpose?
•What pieces of the text do I want to “test” (content or language or both), based on the author’s purpose?

Questions to Analyze Content:
•Is the support related to the conclusion [the main idea]?
•Is the support believable or highly suspicious?
•Does the support hold together or does it fall apart and contradict itself?
•Is the support sufficient at all levels-supporting ideas and type and amount of evidence needed for the supporting ideas?
•Does the support consider the opposing viewpoint if there is a significant opposing viewpoint?

Questions to Analyze Language:
•Are the author’s tone and general point of view intended to sway the reader to a certain way of thinking about the main idea?

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