Discussion 3

| October 17, 2015

In preparation for developing your thread for this discussion on “Hidden / Implicit Bias”

(1) Go to the website: Teaching Tolerance: sponsored by the southern poverty law center – http://www.tolerance.org/hiddenbias( SEEUNIT 2 DISCUSSION NOTE – REGARDING ALL WEBLINKS WITHIN THE REMAINING DISCUSSION BOARD FORUMS). After reading the introduction page on Hidden Bias, select the hyper-link in the first paragraph, at the top of the page titled: Project Implicit. From the Project Implicit homepage- chose one of the two options in the box titled – Project Implicit Social Attitudes.You can either “register or continue as a guest”. If you register for the study your results will become part the national sample and your assessment results represented in thestudy’s national findings. On next page you will need to read the ‘Preliminary Information” page and select “I Wish to Proceed”. On the next page you will see several assessments of hidden bias. For this assignment you are to complete the Race IAT and the Gender/Career IATassessments.

(2.) Take the Implicit Bias Assessments for both race and gender/career.

(3) Once the assessments are complete copy your results statement from both assessments to be used as the opening sentence of your thread. Your results may read: you show no, slight, moderate or strong automatic preference for one group or the other.

(4) Develop a discussion thread including (4a) A statement analyzing the concept of Hidden/Implicit bias & your feelings concerning the validity of the instrument and validity of your personal results (4b) A statement regarding your speculations regarding the source of your assessed bias, if any (4c) A statement regarding the national results and their implications for prejudice and discrimination in the U.S. (4d) A description of how this experience and insight might affect your future thoughts and actions.

250 word

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