Discuss Thyroid Disease

| August 6, 2016

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– Clinical Biochemistry 2: Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Discuss Thyroid Disease


Word target: approximately 2000 words


Assignment Requirements:


Format Marking Schedule

Spelling / Grammar / Layout 2

Abstract (200 words limit) 2

Introduction 2

General content 10

Conclusion (200 word limit) 2

References (Harvard referencing) 2




Your assignment should cover at least the following aspects:

  1. Anatomy and physiology of the thyroid axis in health (including diagrams)
  2. Disorders including both hypo- and hyper-thyroid states (including diagrams)
  3. Symptoms and hormone changes in the above disorders
  4. Methodology of common diagnostic testing including instrumentation
  5. Treatment including follow up testing if any

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