Discuss the role and impact of International Organisations (IO) with reference to a particular IO, policy domain and geographical area.

| February 14, 2014

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The module name is GOVERNANCE, INSTITUTIONS AND THE GLOBAL POLITICAL ECONOMY. I will upload some PPTs, PLEASE check it. The PPT named Week 5 MPPIOs is important which concerns with this essay topic.
Hi there
You totally don’t understand the topic of this essay. DELETE all your work before and You should rewrite now.
1, You should choose a specific geographical area (a particular region), for instance Vietnam, Africa,or other poor countries which affected deeply by UNICEF. Choose one country and discuss the role and impact of UNICEF in what country you choose. You should base on what country you choose in the whole essay.
(Everybody know that its headquarter in New York City. Geographical area here not means the headquarter. You understand wrong information before.)
2, You should choose a specific policy domain. Policy domains include education, health, supporting the poor and so on. You should choose one and discuss the role and impact of UNICEF in what policy domain you choose. You should base on what policy domain you choose in the whole essay.
(Policy on information disclosure and Privacy policy are none business of policy domain. Delete all)
3, For example, if you choose Africa(country) and health( policy domain), the topic is “Discuss the role and impact of international organisations with reference to health of UNICEF in Africa.’ Do you understand?
You should read more source to choose a better one than the example I gave to you here.
4,Don’t be just descriptive, try to use some theoretical concepts in the role part.Give specific examples and reference them in the impact part.You need to demonstrate critical skills in the conclusion part.Talk a little bit about IOs and their role in global governance in the introduction part.
5, Please assign the word count uniform!!! And totally not over 3500 words.
You can adjust the word count by yourself appropriately.
Finally, I hope you can give me a high quality work. Do not repeat your point and view everywhere and reference in the right place. You are professional in the policy area in 15 years that I believe you this revision is the last revision.
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