Discuss the relationship between the rise of surgery during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the rise of laboratory science during the same period.

| March 23, 2014

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To write the essay using 3 of the recommended sources below and 3 power point presentations i will upload later into my account.
Michael Worboys, “Joseph Lister and the performance of antiseptic surgery”, Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 67 (2013), 199-209.
L.S. Jacyna, "The laboratory and the clinic: the impact of pathology on surgical diagnosis in the
Glasgow Western Infirmary, 1875-1910", Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 62 (1988), 384-406.
Sally Wilde, Geoffrey Hirst, “Learning from mistakes: early twentieth-century surgical practice”,
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 64 (2009), 38-77.
Thomas Schlich, “Asepsis and bacteriology: a realignment of surgery and laboratory science”,
Medical History, 56 (2012), 308-343.
Thomas Schlich, "Surgery, science and modernity: operating rooms and laboratories as spaces of
control", History of Science, 45 (2007), 231-256.
Thomas Schlich, "The art and science of surgery: innovation and concepts of medical practice in
operative fracture care, 1960s-1970s." Science, Technology and Human Values 32 (2007), pp. 65-87.
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