Discuss the corporate culture of McWane

| April 19, 2014

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Discuss the corporate culture of McWane Inc. (textbook pp. 375-376) through the changes in McWane’s culture resulting in ‘the New McWane’, that is, through McWane’s alleged safety and environmental policy turn-around after its media exposure from 2003 up through 2007. In discussing McWane’s culture and its changes, you’ll need to adopt the multisystem framework laid out in the textbook on pp. 152-194. You do not need to discuss all the organizational systems covered by Nelson and Treviño, but for full credit you’ll need to discuss at least the following:
Formal Systems
a. the executive leadership style of McWane’s chairman, C. Phillip McWane, and CEO and president, G. Ruffner Page Jr. You’ll need to do some outside investigative research here. Both P. McWane and G. Ruffner Page Jr. have tried to hide their activities from the media. For the effect of leadership on creating an organization’s culture, see textbook pp. 156-165.
b. selection systems, (textbook, pp. 165-7).
c. performance management systems, (textbook, pp. 171-174)
d. organizational authority structure, (pp. 174-177).
Informal Systems
a. norms (textbook, pp. 180-1).
If you have any space remaining, you might contrast McWane’s corporate culture with the corporate culture of American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO).
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