Digital Media Project (Building a High Performance Team)

| November 30, 2015

Overview. For Digital Media Project Four (DMP4), you must work with two partners (no more than three people in your group/team) to develop, implement and evaluate a plan for how to build an effective, high performance team. The format for DMP4 is an original website with at least 5 pages that includes at least five visual elements (i.e., at least one visual element per web page) that you have created (photographs taken by someone outside the team are not acceptable, unless team members appear in the photo). (At least one of these visual elements should be a wordle or word cloud – see Appendix One for an example wordle and instructions on how to create one. Appendix One also includes some other examples of visual elements that would be acceptable. Please see Dr. Jude or your TA if you need assistance creating these visual elements).

As you may recall, early in the semester we asked you to select your group members. Those who did not join a group on their own were assigned to a group and will receive a 25 point deduction on their score for the final project. By the end of the semester, each group member must submit a peer evaluation in which you document your specific contributions to the project and evaluate the contributions of other members.

We strongly encourage you to create your website using the free website development tools from However, students in previous semesters have also used the free website development tools from and While you are not required to use one of these free tools to create your website, you must make sure that you can generate a public URL so that everyone in the class can gain access to your site and provide feedback. You do not need to pay to have your site hosted on any of these websites – all you need to do is publish your site to the public and keep track of the URL to submit in the D2L DMP4 Discussion Forum and the Project Submission Survey.

Your website must contain at least five pages, which should make it fairly easy for you to divide up the labor among the two or three group/team members. We strongly encourage you to select one of the design templates that are available within the website development application and use that template on every page to give your website the sense of cohesiveness and unity required in the Presentation Zen approach. We strongly encourage to use the following structure for your website to ensure that you include all of the required elements

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