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| November 29, 2015

The project should be about me, I will put some information about me here and other than that you can make them up such as What I would eat on a typical day, my activity program, or stress relief program.
Major information about me:
Weight: 95 lbs
Height: 5 foot
I try to avoid carbohydrates.
I have low bone mass.
Body type: endomorph: 25% mesomorph: 38% ectomorph: 38%
*Charts I added on the powerpoint are examples. You need to fill them out reasonably.
*Try to add as much as you can while answering the questions on the powerpoint. For instance, you can add the maximum heart rate (60%-85%) somewhere on the paper.
*See the format of the paper on the last slide of the powerpoint.
*Once again you need to answer questions based on major information about me, other than that please make them up reasonably.

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2000 words. A comparison of three dietary assessment methods
100g edible portion. Nutritional Composition Report

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