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| July 23, 2015

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it is assignment 1, I will upload the Facebook case study and you need to answer all 4 questions. 
each question it requires to be supported by Australian references. the minimum references are 10.
NOTE: Please ONLY use Australian references ONLY.
Please read the case study and topics slid 1 to 5 and study guid in order to know which area you need to look at while u reading the case study and points you need address in answering the questions.

the questions below and also you have to look at them in assessment details file that i will upload:
1-Discuss two or three specific examples of how Facebook is taking advantage of the Internet in
general and changing consumer needs in particular. Ensure your argument(s) are developed
through direct reference to concepts, tools and techniques evident in early topics from the unit.
2. Based on information contained within the case document, and supplemented (where needed)
with additional (recent) sources, complete a SWOT analysis on Facebook. You should aim to list
at a minimum 4 to 5 points for each SWOT quadrant ie. 4 to 5 strengths, 4 to 5 weaknesses
etc. In addition to any written commentary used to embed/support your SWOT analysis, you
may like to present your analysis by way of a table.
3. You will recall from your readings in Topic 2 that any ‘opportunities’ noted in a SWOT analysis
are in reference to external opportunities a firm may seek to pursue. Choose one of the
opportunities you have listed in your SWOT analysis, and discuss in detail how this opportunity
(or what we might call a strategy) fits with the Facebook’s overall mission and business
objectives, and highlight what Facebook needs to do to ensure it is successful in its pursuit of
this opportunity.
4. Much of Facebook’s revenue (like many other leading sites such as Google and Yahoo) comes
from advertising. Supported by additional evidence from outside of the case, do you think web
advertising is effective in engaging consumers?


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Digital Marketing 1


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