Digital Identity Management: Ghana – the Case of a developing Nation

| April 8, 2014

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The paper must address a specific issue within the context of a business organization or an industry in a developing country like Ghana. The paper should include the following sections; abstract, introduction, literature review/theoretical framework, research approach or methodology, discussion results and conclusions.
This is an individual assignment which is intended to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of key issues associated with information and knowledge society.
The paper should include a strong argument, and a thorough analysis and discussion of the issues based on own understanding, evidence from literature and empirical studies. You must present clear and discernible conclusions that flow from your analysis and discussion. Orderly structuring and presentation of relevant material, and your ability to follow the formatting and referencing guidelines will also count significantly in the assessment.
You may choose to discuss your thoughts with other people to ensure that you have understood them properly, but you may not collaborate with other people to prepare the detail of your paper and its drafting. You may not share, with any other student, any text, graphics, or data files that form part of your paper.
The formatting, citation and referencing must be consistent with IEEE guidelines, copy of which is attached. You are advised to pay particular attention to the way you reference other people’s ideas in your paper.
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