Digital Forensics

| July 15, 2016

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You are part of a team of digital forensic consultants. You are instructed to assist a Government Law Enforcement Agency, to investigate a suspected crime scene. The Director and Head of IT Security has informed you that the suspect’s machine is a part of an organisation’s network.


As a part of the team you are tasked to recommend the best practice to conduct networks forensics?


You are required to conduct the seizure and examination of a crime scene. It is expected from you, in this exercise, to apply the knowledge you gained from this module. It also required from each group to present their finding after the seizure and examination mission is completed.


Marking Criteria


Requirement Marks


Applying the beast practise procedures during the investigation (Adhering to the ACPO guidelines) 20


Searching and finding all digital evidence 10


Proof of preservation of evidence 10


Documentation (completing the forms) 20


Presentation of the finding 20


Soft skills 10


Conclusion relating to chosen e-crime 10


Total = 100 Marks

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