Digest of “The Bible Jesus Read”

| September 26, 2015

Digest of “The Bible Jesus Read”

Write a 6-8 page “digest” of the book, The Bible Jesus Read, by Philip Yancey. A digest is a summarization of the book’s content on a chapter by chapter basis and concluding paragraph of critical review (pros and cons of the book) and recommendation (or not) for others to read.

Book Digest Suggested Outline
Introduce the book according to author, title, publication date. Provide a brief
overview of the main topic that the book addresses. This opening paragraph
serves as an abstract to wet the appetite of your reader regarding the book. This
introduction section should be one paragraph.
Book contents
Summarize the contents of the book chapter by chapter. Give your reader a
summary of each chapter in the book. Provide specific examples from the book
(include quotes and page numbers) to illustrate the aspects you are highlighting.
Emphasize those things you found most interesting and impactful as you read the
book. This section should be a paragraph per chapter.
What do you consider to be the most important contribution(s) of the book? Why
is this book important? Offer your concluding thoughts by way of evaluation.
What did you like or dislike? Where did you agree or disagree with the author?
Finally, would you recommend this book to those interested in the topic? This
section should be one paragraph.

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